FPC/FPCA: 1-6 layer copper foil flexible PCB with EMI suppression/EMI shielding/impedance

Our capability in FPC processingItemSingle-side/double-side/multi-layer FPCLayer1-6 layerCopper foil Thickness1/3OZ - 3OZ (0.012mm-0.105mm)Board Thickness tolerance±0.05mmInsulating layer Thickness12.5-250umHole Diameter for CNC/laser Drilling0.2mm-6.4mmSlot holeΦ=0.6mmMini hole to h

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Our capability in FPC processing
ItemSingle-side/double-side/multi-layer FPC
Layer1-6 layer
Copper foil Thickness1/3OZ - 3OZ (0.012mm-0.105mm)
Board Thickness tolerance±0.05mm
Insulating layer Thickness12.5-250um
Hole Diameter for CNC/laser Drilling0.2mm-6.4mm
Slot holeΦ=0.6mm
Mini hole to hole distance
(Outer-circle to outer-circle)
Hole center tolerance±0.025mm
Crossed-hole tolerance±0.05mm
Non-crossed hole tolerance±0.025mm
Hole Position±0.075mm
Thickness of PTH copper-platingDouble-sided board:
No-gel double-sided board:
Multi-layer board:
Rigid-flexible board:
FinishingENIG gold thickness:
Nickel Thickness: 

Gold-plating thickness:
Nickel Thickness:   
Wire&line-to-line spacingFor 1/3OZ copper foil:
Single layer FPC: 0.05mm/0.05mm
Multi-layer FPC:  0.075mm/0.075mm
Or as required of the line length
For 1/2OZ copper foil:
Single layer FPC: 0.065mm/0.065mm
Double-layer FPC: 0.065mm/0.055mm
Or according to the line length
For 1OZ copper foil:
Single layer FPC:  0.075mm/0.075mm
Double-layer FPC : 0.07mm/0.07mm
Or according to the line length

FPC/FPCA: 1-6 Layer Copper Foil flex PCB with EMI Suppression/EMI shielding/impedanceFPC/FPCA: 1-6 Layer Copper Foil flex PCB with EMI Suppression/EMI shielding/impedance

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