High thermal conductivity aluminum nitride/Aln/ceramic substrate

High Thermal Conductivity Aluminium Nitride / ALN / Ceramic SubstrateFeature:1.High hardness , diversity                                 2. High preci

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High Thermal Conductivity Aluminium Nitride / ALN / Ceramic Substrate
High Thermal Conductivity Aluminium Nitride / Aln / Ceramic Substrate

1.High hardness , diversity                                 2. High precision and density
3.High reliability and stability                               4. High thermal conductivity
5.Extremely abrasive resistance performance                6. Wide scope of application

high-power circuits, RF and microwave circuits , GaAs crystal crucible, Al evaporation pan, MHD power generation equipment

Material Properties of Aluminum Nitride Substrate/Wafer
Property ContentProperty Index
Resistance to Thermal ShockNo Cracks
Thermal conductivity(30°C, W/m.k)≥170
Linear expansion coefficient
(/°C, 5°C/min, 20-300°C)
Flexural strength (MPa)382.7
Volume Resistivity (Ω.cm)1.4×1014
Dielectric constant(1MHz)8.56
Chemical Durability (mg/cm2)0.97
Dielectric strength (KV/mm)18.45
Surface roughness Ra(μm)0.3~0.5
Camber (length‰)≤2‰
Appearance/ ColorDense/ Dark Gray

Product Introduction
Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, high strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, high resistivity , low dielectric loss, is the ideal LSI heat dissipation board and packaging materials.
AIN ceramics use heat resistant melt erosion and thermal shock resistance, can produce GaAs crystal crucible, Al evaporation pan, MHD power generation equipment and high temperature turbine corrosion resistant parts, using its optical properties can be used as an infrared window.
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