High thermal conductivity and high pressure aluminum nitride

Insulator Ceramic Plate Aluminium Nitride Ceramic for Electronic Semiconductor ComponentProduct DescriptionSpecificationsAlN ceramic plate1.High thermal conductivity2.High flexural strength, high temperature2.Good electrical insulationAluminium Nitride AlN Ceramic PlateAlN Ceramic PlateAluminium Nitride Substrate INTR

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Insulator Ceramic Plate Aluminium Nitride Ceramic for Electronic Semiconductor Component

Product Description
AlN ceramic plate
1.High thermal conductivity
2.High flexural strength, high temperature
2.Good electrical insulation
Aluminium Nitride AlN Ceramic Plate
AlN Ceramic Plate
Aluminium Nitride Substrate
The aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic has high thermal conductivity(5-10 times as the alumina ceramic), low dielectric constant and dissipation factor, good insulation and excellent mechanical properties, non-toxic, high thermal resistance, chemical resistance ,and the linear expansion coefficient is similar with Si,which is widely used in communication components, high power led, power electronic devices and other fields.Special spec products can be produced upon requests.
High thermal conductivity, high flexural strength, high temperature
Good electrical insulation
Low dielectric constant and loss
Material Properties of Aluminum Nitride Substrate/Wafer
Property ContentProperty Index
Resistance to Thermal ShockNo Cracks
Thermal conductivity(30°C, W/m.k)≥170
Linear expansion coefficient
(/°C, 5°C/min, 20-300°C)
Flexural strength (MPa)382.7
Volume Resistivity (Ω.cm)1.4×1014
Dielectric constant(1MHz)8.56
Chemical Durability (mg/cm2)0.97
Dielectric strength (KV/mm)18.45
Surface roughness Ra(μm)0.3~0.5
Camber (length‰)≤2‰
Appearance/ ColorDense/ Dark Gray

Note: The general characteristics of the materials described above were derived from laboratory test performed by Innovacera from time on sample quantities. Actual characteristics of production lots may vary. 
RF/Microwave Components
Power Modulus
Power Transformers
High Power LED package
Laser Diode Sub-mounts
LED Chip Sub-mount
Microelectronic Packages
Through laser machine scribing, cutting, and drilling, we can process AlN substrate with high accuracy and absolute consistency upon customers'request.
Our AlN substrate can be polished(single and double polish) by the advanced machine which imported from abroad. Ceramic substrate surface roughness can reach to 0.03-0.05um without porous after being polished. It is perfectly suitable for the device application of small spec, high precision , wiring density and good stability.

As a professional company in advanced ceramic industries, HIGHBORN is supplying high quality and high precision ceramic components for clients from worldwide. Our ceramic products are widely used in various fields of automotive, metallurgy, machinery, electronic & electrical, food, chemical, medical and so on. With experienced engineers and talented workers, we are able to evaluate projects and drawings properly, make valuable suggestion, supply satisfying products. Our materials including:
- Aluminium Oxide ( 95% 96% 99% 99.5% 99.7% Al2O3 )
- Zirconium Oxide ( Yttria stabilized ZrO2 )
- Silicon Nitride ( Gas pressure sintered & Hot pressed Si3N4 )
- Silicon Carbide (Reactive sintered,  Pressureless sintered & Recrystallization SiC)
- Aluminum Nitride
- Machinable Glass Ceramic
Aiming at building long term cooperation relationship with our clients, we set our motto as "Quality First". Far now, our products have been exported to North Amirica, East Europe, West Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia and get good reputation from our client.

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